Top Tips For Outdoor Lighting Around Your Home

Lighting around your home is a nice way of updating your space, and can transform your outdoors from bland to something special with a few small updates. Remember that there are options for both outdoor lighting and indoor lighting. Whenever you decide to make changes to your wiring set up, it is always advisable to contact an experienced electrician in Tauranga or wherever your local community is. Electricians in Wellington, for example, will be able to advise you on the type of lighting that is available and if it is possible to use your choice of lighting.

Visiting electrical stores will give you some good ideas of what the latest trends in wiring are. If you have decided to do a general update to the outside space of your property you could consider contacting some patio specialists to assess the area, whilst at the same time keeping in mind that you could also incorporate lighting outside. Let’s take a look at some tips for improving the lighting around the home.


Plan where you want to put your lighting. If you’re lighting the outside you may want to consider security lighting. You can now have security lighting that not only lights up a dark area, but also gives a nice modern, ambient feel. LED lighting is also an option, it is bright and it is available in a variety of colours. The use of these colours will help you set a mood in your living space whilst at the same time giving you an element of security at night. Having lights at the entrance of your property, above any windows or just shining up against the front of your property illuminating the brick will also give your property that wow factor as well as added security.


Positioning your lights is important for both security and lighting appeal. If for example you mount a light higher up on wall, the area it will cover will be bigger, thus needing less lights. If, however you want to highlight an area or have a brighter and more intense light beam, consider having a lower position. It is also worth remembering that your light position needs to be high enough so that it cannot be tampered with. Try and keep all wiring internal so that the wires cannot be damaged in any way. The use of electrical outlet covers will also help in protecting outside electrical items.


Having a colour other than white for a bulb may look appealing, but it offers little security compared to what a white light offers. White light at night will brighten dark areas up and as mentioned above, positioning these lights correctly will eliminate large shadows. Having coloured illumination may suit certain areas of your home, as long as you have a number of correctly positioned white lights.

Porches and balconies are most suited for coloured lights as well as lighting up trees and shrubs, as they offer an ambient light rather than a security measure. There is now a wide range of colours to choose from. There are even lights that you can use a remote control for and this can set the colour of each light, so you could select the colour depending on your mood.

Light Triggers

To really enhance your home’s outside lighting appeal, having cleverly positioned light triggers will help with security and also help to create a talking point for visitors to your home. Having light triggers along driveway and paths will help with night vision and will also act as a deterrent. Having lights come on and off in random areas will keep intruders guessing as well as give your arriving guests a nice illuminated welcome. Light triggers can be attached to many different types of lighting so that it doesn’t just look like they are for security. Many houses now have installed LED lighting which is really good as they don’t use as much energy as standard bulbs.  


Lighting up your outbuilding is a great way of giving them a new lease of life. If you are about to install a new outbuilding it may be worth looking at the build first before you decide on lighting it. Many outbuildings use polycarbonate roofing screws to attach the roofs to the main building. You maybe able to mount a light on the roof line using the same type of screw to keep it in looking the same. By lighting your outbuilding up, you will give your garden a new feature whilst at the same time providing an element of security.

Garden Shed and Installation

As above, lighting up a garden shed will give it a new look at night. If you have an existing shed, then you will be able to look at different areas to see where lights would work best. You may also want to consider shining a light from the main house onto the shed as this could be a simple way of lighting the area your shed sits in. On the other hand, if you are about to get a new garden  shed installed, you may wish to think about the area it will be placed. Ask yourself can the shed be lit up by using your existing lights of are you able to attach modern lighting to the shed itself?

As you can see from above, lighting up your home is more than just putting up one security light and hoping for the best. As lighting has become more popular, so have the designs that are available. Most electrical stores will have a good selection of lighting to choose from so that you can pick lighting to suit the property that you live in. Take time to look at the houses around you to get ideas and inspiration from others. Once you have decided on the lighting that you like, consult an electrician to see if they can offer any further advise, as they will have experience in making sure you get the best out of your lights.

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