How To Build Around That Tree! Obstacles That Make It Difficult To Build Your Ideal Garden

Often when you have a property you will look to the building to make improvements. You may have considered extensions, renovations and you may even have contacted architects and scaffolding companies for custom scaffolding, roofing companies, electrical engineers, and gas engineers. In fact, anyone linked to decorating or renovating a home. Once you are happy that your building is the way that you want it, your attention will then turn to your garden.

Your Garden

The first aspect that you will consider is the type of garden that you are after. However, your dream garden can face some difficulties that you may need to overcome in order for you to achieve the garden of your dreams such as an obstacle like a tree. So, what can you do in this situation? We will provide you with some suggestions:

Make a Feature

If you have a number of trees in your garden you may have decided that you would like to have some of them removed. So, at this point it is worth contacting a tree arborist

to get their professional opinion on the best way if achieving what you are after. You will need to make sure that the trees that you wish to have removed are not protected in any way.

You may even have a tree that you want to make a feature of and build around it. The type of problems that you may encounter related to building around a tree could be related to the tree roots. If the tree roots have spread, you may find it difficult putting foundations in to build a structure around the trees as you will not want to damage the roots of the tree.

Certain types have maze like branches which would be ideal for building a place for children to hang out for example. You will have to of course look at the structure to make sure that this is possible. A simple way to make a tree a feature of a garden is by having an area of garden bark surrounding the trunk of a tree. This will give you an ideal shady place to sit on those hot and sunny days. You can surround the tree with lighting to create a nice ambience in the evening times.

For Disguising

Trees are ideal for hiding and disguising items within a garden that not be particularly aesthetically pleasing or something that you don’t want seen. Take for example water storage. Water storage containers can be quite unsightly in your garden as they are usually just a tank filled with water. You can use the trunk of a tree to disguise even the largest of water tanks as they will fit nicely behind the trunk of the unit and therefore disguise it from view.

Established trees can also be great for offering seclusion or privacy to a particular part of your garden. Therefore, a tree can be the ideal location for setting up furniture where you may want to relax in private. It is probably also a great area to erect a summer house as it will offer an alpine feel to a part of your garden. When building a summer house, it is advisable that you position it in such a way that when the leaves of the tree fall in Autumn, they don’t affect the erection too much.

Ideas for What Could Be Built Around a Tree

If a tree is in the middle of your garden, you will need to incorporate the tree into your garden design. We will now take a closer look at what you could build around your tree in order to make it a part of your garden:

  •         An Outside Bar

There are different ways that you could build an outside bar around a tree. You could have a circular bar which covers the full circumference of the tree. You could attach bar shelving above this and to the trunk. Your guests can sit around the circular bar and the bar could be lit up with the use of fairy lights. Outdoor speakers could be attached to the tree so that music can be played for extra ambience when socialising.

  •         A Den

If your tree is large enough then you could make a den for young children. You may require some extra bits and pieces, but the basic structure of three tree will give you a great basis to start on. You could attach sheets of tarpaulin from branch to branch, offering a hideout for children. You could even build a sitting area in the den by cutting off bits of the tree that are not in use and making them into seats.

  •         A Play Ground

Again, young children would love to have playground equipment in the garden. A tree offers a great basics for swings, slides and a climbing frame. Simply attach these items to the tree and you will have your very own mini playground in your garden for children to explore.

  •         A Tree House

A tree house is every child’s dream. If your tree is big enough you could design a full tree house that is safe enough to hold a few children. This is an ideal project for children to get involved in. They can help with ideas for the design of the tree house, what the tree house should include and may even be able to help with building the tree house. Treehouses tend to be made of wood, but you could look at making a tree house out of plastic as this will be more weather proof.

It seems that having a tree in your garden doesn’t have to be a problem. It is possible to build around it and even include it as a feature or an accessory to enhance your garden.

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