How To Bring The Outdoors Inside

2017 was the year of ‘Transterior’ and this trend has only gotten bigger with each passing year since then. In the past, homeowners preferred a clear demarcation between the interior and the exterior, but  slowly we moved on to the outdoors, and this naturally progressed into the merger of the two spaces.

Isn’t it wonderful to have a kitchen with an extension into the lawn, where everyone sits around a barbeque to enjoy a beautiful outdoor lunch? More and more potential buyers are interested in properties that have more indoor-outdoor areas. This means more natural light, wider windows and lots of natural decor elements.

It works particularly well when you add weatherproof elements to the mix, it could be a shade to help you enjoy the beautiful summer view without roasting in the sun or wind barriers with some outdoor lighting, which help you enjoy a winter garden even when it gets too cold for comfort.  It’s all about maintaining a balance and bringing the outdoors in.

This trend started as the property prices went higher and the homeowners chose to renovate their existing homes instead of moving to a larger space, and they made up for the lack of space by opening up their backyard area.

Also in countries with favourable climates, such as Australia, the outdoors can be a great substitute for indoor entertaining areas. One can host outdoor lunches or do a barbeque and a pool party.

Another trend that has taken off is the ‘Green Thumb’ trend. As more and more cities are losing their green cover and open spaces, residents are making up for it by having vegeponds or raised garden beds in their balconies. Some even prefer vertical gardens indoors. It’s an exchange really, as people are getting the greenery from the outdoors, inside, and taking the luxury and the comfort of the indoors, outside, and there are plenty of ways to do it. Let’s look at some of the ways to get the outdoors inside.

Bring in more plants

An easy, economical and eco-friendly way to start is by having an indoor garden. Including potted plants, flower beds or even succulents into your space immediately adds a touch of life to stagnant indoors. Don’t limit yourself to just the living room, add plants to the kitchen, the bedrooms, and even the bathrooms. Succulents work great in places that do not receive a lot of sunlight. Also if you live in humid areas, there are several plants that thrive in humid conditions. Garden mulch can add a touch of finesse to indoor gardens as well. This year, embrace your green thumb!

You can even take it a step forward by bringing some of your favourite trees inside, and there are several ways to do it. You can plant the tree in a large planter and place it by the window. Some people even build their house around the trees on the land. Do not ignore tree trimming to keep it under control. Popular options are lemon and orange trees as they can be placed in large planters. These, however, do not work for all climatic conditions, so may only work for certain locations.

Green walls are another great addition, as they utilise the vertical space in your home and are beautiful to look at. It’s like a breath of fresh air right in the middle of your living room.

Go all out on natural material

Stone, wood, pebbles, bamboo etc can all be used in an interesting way in the decor elements indoors. For instance, a stone wash basin can really add a zen-like aura to the bathroom. Pebbles lined around the fireplace also look stunning. Stone frames, bamboo lambs, and dried twig centerpieces look gorgeous and add a forestry feel to the indoor space. Here are some examples for more inspiration.

This extends to the floors as well, with the use of natural materials such as bamboo, cork or wood for flooring that not only keeps the house warm but also add a nice texture and earthy feel to it. These floors work especially well with other natural decor elements in the house.

Let there be light

Design your house in a way that maximises the inflow of natural light. Skylights, floor to ceiling windows, sliding doors are a great way to let natural light in. Not only does it help you save a bunch on energy bills, it simply lifts the spirit of the space in a way that artificial lights fail to do. A skylight just above the bed can be your natural alarm clock. Imagine waking up with the sun and falling asleep looking at the stars. It’s like camping, but every day!

Bold, natural decor

Think beyond wall hangings, wall art, and bedside lamps. Think big. How about the bark of a tree just where your staircase begins or even an indoor tree house. It’s great for families with kids who live in the city. It can help bring backyard feels to the small city apartments. It could also be house adjacent, like a bedroom window that opens to a tree house, which is perfect for the kids. Tree pruning can help keep the tree house in place.

Wicker furniture

Think of a rattan porch swing, but in the middle of your study or as a window side seating. It immediately juxtaposes the outdoors and the indoors. It has such a strong association with summer afternoons on the porch, and it transmits that feel and energy to your indoor space.

Use natural fabrics

Use fabrics such as wool, linen, bamboo fibre etc. for your upholstery, pillows and as chair rugs. It looks greats and binds in the whole natural theme together. A lush cashmere blanket can immediately feel snug and homely while feeling natural against your skin.

Colour theme

Think natural themes. For instance mountains – we are talking snow, sky, bark, spruce. Forest – leaves, flowers, wood, the sun. The beach – sun, sand, ocean, and the stars. These are some of the elements which can inspire a colour theme. A wall in the bedroom that mimics the look of the sky with the setting sun can immediately transport you to a happy place. Same goes for hues and textures of the jungle incorporated into the study, makes it feel closer to nature than mere four white walls!

Let your memories of nature inspire you.

Find a few simple ways to embrace the outdoors in your inside living, and we think you’ll find a more peaceful, happier, and better utilised space overall.

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