14 Reasons To Keep A Vertical Garden

For all of you that love gardening you will have heard of the craze that is vertical gardening. Vertical gardening is a great way of using up space that may otherwise be wasted. You may have plenty of room in your garden so not considered vertical gardening before. This, however doesn’t mean that you should not try vertical gardening. We will provide you with 14 reasons as to why you should consider growing vertically this year.

  1. Perfect for Smaller Gardens

If you do have a smaller garden, then vertical gardening will definitely suit you. By growing vertically, you will increase your growing space. Not only will it create more space for you to grow in, it also ensures that you maximise all of the space that you do have.

  1. Grow Healthier Plants

Plants that are not grown on the ground receive better circulation. Therefore, your plants are less likely to suffer from disease, pest-related issues and overall will be healthier. Additionally, plants are less likely to be damaged by pets or other animals that like to dig up the ground.

  1. Creates Some Privacy

If you want to create some privacy in your garden and keep prying eyes out then consider growing a green wall. This could also be used to disguise unsightly objects in a garden such as a professional hedge trimmer, a composting toilet, bulk water supply storage unit or a shed.

  1. Things Become More Accessible

If you plant off the ground, things become easier to access. When it comes to pruning, watering, fertilising and harvesting you back will thank you for it! You can say bye-bye to future tree pruning cost.

  1. Add Curb Appeal

Vertical gardens will add colour, variety and character to your garden and therefore improve the curb appeal of your garden. Aim to plant at eye level and consider aspects such as window boxes and hanging baskets to increase the attractiveness level of your garden in the same way that outdoor lighting does.

  1. Create a Defined Space

With a vertical garden, you can create a backdrop or entrance and even define the edges of your garden. These features will all help to create seclusion in your garden.

  1. Reduce Wastage

By planting vertically you’ll be able to keep a closer eye on your planets and reap the benefits of your hard work. You will also find that it is easier to harvest your crops when there are vertical.

  1. Improve your Health

Plants have the ability to improve air quality outside and inside at home as they are able to remove volatile organic compounds, which are otherwise harmful. Plants also able to neutralise pollutants. It is not uncommon for a house to have poorer quality than the air outside, even after taking pollution into account. Therefore, if you start to grow plants vertically, you should begin to notice a positive difference in your house. Begin by growing in small spaces such as balconies, entrances and windowsills.

  1. Able to Grow More

By growing vertically, you will be able to grow a larger amount and a different variety of plants. For example, a vegetable such a pumpkin takes up a lot of space. If you like to grow pumpkins you can grow a dwarf pumpkin on a trellis and this only uses up a small amount of space. It’s not just pumpkins that you can grow vertically, you can also try and grow melons, tomatoes, cucumbers and even passionfruit.

  1. Produce a Microclimate

If you create an enclosure, this will act as a shield and help to protect your home from noise, pollution and help to retain the heat from your home. You could create an area of shade and this will help to regulate the temperature in your garden. This cooler part of your garden is perfect for those plants that thrive in the shade. Alternatively, those plants that love the sunshine will enjoy climbing up and around your enclosure. Ultimately, it will suit everything in your garden.

  1. Reduce Issues with Pests

If you have an issue with slugs for example, vertical gardening will suit you as pests such as slugs will be unable to get to your plants. You will also notice that plants that are grown in this way tend to have less disease and there is a reduction in the spreading of diseases.

  1. Easier on your Back

Many people who love to garden sometimes have to give up this hobby as they become unable to bend down and look after their plants and their gardens. With vertical gardening, this is no longer an issue as there is no need to bend down when watering, weeding, fertilising or harvesting. Always bear in mind that you may need to use a stepladder if plants have grown stems that are very high.

  1. Creates an Outdoor Space

Certain structures can help to create an outdoor space which acts like an indoor room i.e. pergolas or gazebos. Garden structures which have an overhead aspect also help to provide a feeling of depth and height in what may be a small outdoor area. Consider adding an arbour as an entrance to your garden. This way you will feel that you are welcomed into a garden through an interesting structure which can add character as well as colour to your garden.

  1. Aesthetically Pleasing

There is no doubt that a vertical garden is attractive to the eye. With a vertical garden you are able to create lots of different areas and looks.

Although you may have thought that vertical gardening was for those that have limited space, you can now see that this is not the case. Vertical gardening has a place in all gardens and it’s a trend that well worth considering. If you decide to have a go at vertical gardening this year, get out the eco-friendly mulch and don’t be shocked when you see how it alters the way that you garden going forward.

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